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Of Rubble (Pyramids)

24" x14"

Acrylic paint, water-based paint pen, and ink pen


$190 plus applicable tax and shipping

Amanda Miller-Mulvaney

 The Great Pyramids of Giza. There is so much we don't know, and so much mythology and theory surround them, that even when a discovery is made or an old theory discredited, the idea of them being mysterious or created in a particular way sticks in people's minds. I originally started researching them out of curiosity about the mythology of the time--how the Pharoahs were gods, and what happened after death, and such--but before long I realized that the Pyramids themselves had taken on a sort of mythological presence in our world today.

I read a new theory that the pyramids are built out of rubble. That inside, to fill all that vast space, rubble was poured to provide support of the heavy and well-crafted stones that we see from the outside. Not so grand as I expected, but still pretty cool to learn about. 

To capitalize on the obscurity and mystery of them, I set a pattern over the top of vertical irregular rectangles to make it more difficult to focus on the pyramids themselves. I added text with phrases and excerpts from articles I read, and used these dark lines of words to draw the pyramids back out from those obscuring vertical shapes, figuratively and literally referencing how knowledge and learning makes things more clear where they were fuzzy and indistinct before.