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24" x 36"

Acrylic paint, water-based paint pen, and paper on 1/4" wood board


In personal collection


Kicking off the Mutualism series, this painting is all about the mutualistic relationship that mangrove trees have with the coastline. They protect it from erosion, provide a safe environment for fish nurseries, and in return they are protected by the coastline and benefit from all that fish poop no doubt.

It's a romantic notion, that living things can have mutually beneficial relationships and live in that sort of harmony, but it's also a reality! There are tiny fish who clean the mouths of giant fish and aren't eaten in the process. There are birds that chill on the backs of zebras, safe from predators and enjoying a meal of irritating bugs and parasites that the zebra is glad to be rid of. Coral reefs and seagrass beds, together with mangrove trees, protect the coastlines and are in turn protected by each other from erosion, storms, and the like.

This series is just beginning, and there will be a lot more paintings before it is through.