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36" x 23.5"

Acrylic and tracing paper on 1/4" wood board



Medusa was set up. As soon as I learned how the poor girl was treated, I had to give her a lovely painting, something to give her back a bit of the beauty and good name she had been stripped of in mythology. She was a beautiful and faithful priestess, then after being raped by a god, her goddess turned her into an ugly monster for breaking her vow of virginity (as if she had any choice in the matter).

I decided that regardless of what the goddess turned her face into, that girl could still have style. Here you see her with a few of the hairstyles she could tame those snakes into. You go girl!

While researching Medusa, I found out that jellyfish are known as medusae (plural). I put some light and airy jellies in the background, and since there are multiple Medusa silhouettes, the name was a given. It's fitting that the dangerous yet beautiful jellyfish should be named after the dangerous, but still beautiful girl of mythology.