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Iron Lace (aka Sway and Stand)

24" x 24" 

Acrylic paint, paint pen, and ink pen on 1/4" birch plywood



Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, and how revolutionary the engineering had to be for it to stand. They nearly didn't work out the science of it in time. The lattice structure provides strength and allows the wind to pass through, though it still sways with strong winds. A tall structure that sways in the wind can actually be more stable than one that doesn't! Current day sky scrapers sway because they are made to flex instead of break in high winds.

I had to give it alternate names because there were several qualities I wanted to honor about the piece. Iron Lace refers to how the tower manages to look so airy and delicate when made from such solid and stable material. Thus the bubbles and the light color, which evoke for me that delicate airiness. Sway and Stand refers to the strength of something standing tall but not rigid, a little flexibility making it all the more stable.