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Gryposuchus croizati (Gavial)

16" x 20"

Acrylic paint and water-based paint pen



An ancient gavialoid crocodilian that was HUGE. Estimates say it could have been 33 feet long (10 meters). It is related to the living gavial (Gavialis gangeticus), which has a really long and skinny snout that ends in a bulbous formation on the tip of the snout. It looks pretty weird. And weird is good when it comes to interesting subject matter that might end up in one of my paintings.

Because it is extinct and fossilized, I interpreted the layers of sediment and rock over it in white dashed lines of varying thicknesses, and the crocodile itself is a silhouette, referencing the fact that it no longer exists. You can see the tail curling up toward the left in the silhouette, with that long narrow snout pointing straight at the bottom left corner. 

A shadow of what was once probably impressive to behold.