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Fleeting Shower Stories

21.5" x 28"

Acrylic paint and water-based paint pen on canvas


$247.50 plus applicable tax and shipping

Amanda Miller-Mulvaney

This one departs from the classic mythology and meanders into the territory of Personal Mythology, which is quite a worthwhile psychology theory to research if you have the time. The large part of the canvas is covered in an abstract landscape reminiscent of a rainy Chinese landscape painting. The right side has some abstract white lines.

These lines are where the personal mythology really takes off. I was spending all this time researching strange and wonderful topics, and one day I took a moment to wonder about myself and some of the strange and potentially wonderful things I do. One of those things is drawing in the shower. I was raised to not let your loose hair wash down the shower drain, if you comb your fingers through your hair while washing and come away with any hairs, you stuck them to the shower wall to be trashed after you turned off the water.

Well, I have a wandering mind in that peaceful and meditative shower, so as long as I can remember, I have twirled those hairs around and made temporary, flowing drawings on the wall with them. Sometimes I create human figures, sometimes I just enjoy the freeform lines. Many times I was sad to lose the creation at the end of the shower. I always had the idea that I should do a sketch of them before I tossed them in the trash, but always thought that would be too weird.

A visiting artist to my university, Jill AnnieMargaret, inspired me to take the leap and finally paint these fantastical line drawings. I certainly plan to do more now that I have, it was very satisfying, and I couldn't achieve those line shapes any other way.