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Creation I

42"h x 24"w

Acrylic paint, water-based paint pen, ink pen


Commissioned piece. In collection at St. John's Student Center at Idaho State University


This was one of two commissioned paintings for the St. John's Catholic Student Center on the Idaho State University campus. The subject focuses on the creation of the world generally and on the evolution of the Bengal tiger specifically (the mascot of ISU), drawing on quotes from Genesis as well as imagery and information from research papers. This first painting features abstracted landforms reminiscent of early continental shapes, and the fossilized partial-skeleton of the oldest ancestor of all placental mammals (that has been discovered so far). This teeny rodent is the furthest back I chose to go in my evolution of the Bengal tiger. Since the path between that ancient creature and the current tiger is murky and unknown, I chose to simply place them on two separate paintings. In the church where they hang, they are on opposite ends of the chapel, with all that real space between them signifying the vast time and changes that went by to go from one to the other. A vastness gone by indeed.