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I create paintings based on research and inspired by my own curiosity. The subject matter of these paintings fall into three general categories (scientific, mythological, and historical) with a lot of crossover so most paintings really belong in all three.

Starting with a topic that sparks my fascination, I research and learn all I can about it to sate my curiosity. Along the way, I convert the wonder and captivation I feel for the subject into a painting, incorporating visual elements gleaned during the learning process, and often hand-writing passages from articles and research papers in tiny overlapping lines to create depth and shading and emphasis. The combination of actual written information (though intentionally illegible most of the time) and the visual information of the subject brings my process full-circle.

As an example, my piece Windswept Trees incorporates the visual information of what the trees actually look like, all bent over and beautiful, with lines of text from articles written about the effect of wind on trees and allover having the strong sensation of movement and force. I used intense, bright colors, forceful directional brushstrokes contrasting with the delicate lines of text and tree outlines, and glowing layers of paint glazes on the trees to convey wonder and awe about these marvelous trees. That's the idea anyway.



(just the basics)

Born in 1994 in Idaho.

Received Bachelor of Fine Arts from Idaho State University in 2017.

Showed work in a few exhibitions during college, but since then decided it requires far too much time and money to apply to art galleries and exhibitions. Really, I just want to be free to make my work; I don't need the glory of having my name known throughout the art world or even in a small corner of it. I think this puts me in good company with so many artists and movements in our history which sought to free themselves from the control of galleries and "the art world" anyway, successfully or not.

Moved to Virginia immediately after graduating college. I hope to live in Virginia forever.